Moving Tips

Here are some helpful moving tips for getting ready for your move:

  • Appliances – Be sure to drain, unplug, and secure. Tape doors and electrical cords for safety.
  • Stereos: Secure arms, turn table covers, cords, and wires.
  • Inform movers of: Delicate, aged, weak pieces, loose legs, broken pieces, loose veneer, etc.
  • TV’s: Disconnect aerials and fold up; tape cords of all electrical appliances.
  • Label Boxes: Keep belongings traveling to the same room together. Mark fragile and special care items.
  • Organize: Attics, tool sheds, and garages. These areas are very time consuming for the mover (rakes, brooms, shovels – tie or tape  together). Drain mowers and gas cans – these items can not be transported if full.
  • Notify banks and other financial institutions about your move
  • Dressers, Desks, and End Tables: Should be emptied of anything that could potentially break. Clothing and bedding is alright to leave in dresser. Tape drawers closed.