Your Essential Moving Checklist: all you need to know and do before moving day.

Six Weeks Before Move

  • Confirm your move with moving company
  • Identify prohibited items (combustible materials) and make arrangements to transport/discard before the move
  • Make preparations for pets
  • Sort, organize, donate, and get rid of unwanted household belongings

Four Weeks Before Move

  • Inform people of your new address, including the post office for forwarding services
  • Notify banks and other financial institutions about your move
  • Safely collect passports, birth/marriage certificates and other important documentation

Three Weeks Before Move

  • Separate favorite toys and household articles, save the last for packing
  • Arrange for mail to be forwarded 2 weeks before you move
  • Start to dismantle climbing frames, garden furniture, and any other large-scale items
  • Agree upon an insurance value and terms with your mover
  • Return library books
  • Find a new home for your plants (most moving companies do not transport plants)

Week of the Move

  • Defrost the refrigerator & freezer
  • Plan simple meals or take-out for moving day to avoid using appliances
  • Clean garden tools, bicycles and other gardening equipment
  • Empty the tanks of powered tools such as mowers
  • Make arrangements for travel to final destination